CA, HI, WA Estates - Financing, Managing, and Marketing


Divisions: Lending, Insurance, Operations
Jurisdiction: Montecito, Washington, Hawaii

In 2011, SG was hired to assist with the financing and management of four mega-estates located in three different jurisdictions. In 2012, SG’s Lending Division successfully facilitated a $27,000,000 blanket loan covering the four estates. At the same time, SG’s Operations Division took over all property management efforts, which also included a significant renovation project that has taken place in one of the estates. In February 2013, SG’s Lending Division facilitated a new blanket loan of $35,000,000 covering all four estates.

Total cumulative value of four estates: $65,000,000
Total amount of financing in 2012: $27,000,000
Total amount of renovations: $2,600,000
Total amount of financing in 2013: $35,000,000